Friday, September 01, 2006

Favorite Things
What a topic. Everyone has favorite stuff they enjoy, eat, watch, read, etc.
Here's a few of mine:
a fireplace in the winter
a good book or tape
rain that shuts me in the house to enjoy a break
Simon, Sandy, Twitch, Snuggles, and Tipper, my cats
writing on my novels
eating out w/my favorite guy--Dan
talking with my favorite guy--see above
my water garden

Enough for now. More later . . .

Your quote for today:
There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. --Louis Lamour

A tip for the minister's wife:
Begin your own list of favorite things. Add to it everyday. Make it a practice to thank God for so many wonderful things in your life. Enjoy your list.

See ya next week,
Keep writing, or whatever. I've got a synopsis to finish on my inspirational love novel, so gotta get busy.


1 comment:

sharen said...

Sounds nice. My favorite thing in the winter is: being inside watching it snow and playing a game with Austin(my son) with my guy (Bob) sitting on the couch reading and our German Shepherd,Pearl, laying beside us.
In the fall I like to walk outside in the woods while I'm crunching on all the fallen leaves and the smelling the wonderful aroma of Autumn.
I love to watch the flowers coming up ,the leaves starting to come on,the grass turning green,all the baby animals running around,and most of all the sunshine is what I love about Spring.
I like camp and being off schedule.The smell of freshly cut grass is what I like about summer.
My favorites for all the seasons.