Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rushing Around

Got too much to do today.

At work--I thought yesterday--I had pretty much everything ready to go. Today: piled up on my desk like lint. Or worse, dust.

Finish a newsletter that's been very tempermental the last two days. When I get back from ACFW I'll probably start over rather than worrying anymore about fixing this one.

Put together three weeks worth of bulletins.

Type up a form for pastor

Print and label postcards.

Print and label insert sheets

Label said newsletters (220 of them)

And more.

So, no chance to work on writing stuff so far today. Maybe tonight.

But rushing around gives me a headache. Granted, I love to be busy. Can't stand it when I have nothing to do (which has been so long, I feel like I'm telling a fib when I talk about it).
And I can't really when was the last time I had nothing to do. I always have something to do (don't you mothers agree?) .

Rushing around causes me to forget things. And to make mistakes.

So what to do?

Slow down, take a deep breath. For me: organize. Make lists. Tell my brain. Stop. Relax. One thing at a time.

And that usually does the trick. When my overloaded (excited) brain realizes that everything doesn't have to be done (or least I can't do everything at once), it's as if I'm released from heavy chains. I can go again and tick off the items on my list one at a time.

Besides, when I rush, I miss things: like the beauty of my garden pond. The hills with morning mist hanging over them. The moon shining through the treetops. My animals wanting attention, their beautiful green/brown/blue eyes on me, trusting me to give them what they need. My husband and boys wanting my company, loving me when I'm too busy to talk, helping me in the house, running errands for me.

So the moral of the story: Slow down, rabbit. Things will get done and you'll enjoy the scenery along the way lots more.

A suggestion for you MW's, that might just help you relax a little today:
Make a list today of all the things that are beautiful in your life. When you've thought of all you can, thank God for them. Name each thing aloud. Think about them. What would you do if something suddenly took away one of them? Study your list, pray over it, tuck it in your Bible, your purse, a notebook. Somewhere that you can see it often.

What good does doing things like that do? Oh, make us more thankful. Helps us realize what blessings we already have, and hesitant to ask for more. Why should God give us more if we're not thankful for what we have? Besides, I want you to realize you're blest. God loves you. Let that thought sink in and may it resound throughout your evening.

Rejoice, and again, I say: Rejoice.


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sharen said...

That was the best one yet! I know how exactly how you feel!! I hope things settle down some for you.