Thursday, August 31, 2006


Oh, brother. I've lost three things this week. And all three major items, not just my head, or an old shoe. Important stuff.

So, what to do? Look for it, obviously. Pray. Plead earnestly actually. And desperately. Look some more. Repeat all of the above. I must have searched through the house and the car and my purse three times last night.

On to other things . . .
I'm getting headaches from figuring out my synopses thing-a-ma-jigs. Like how to make them interesting enough an editor jumps up and down, and begs for my manuscript. Like how to get them so enticing editors bid on them.

Yep, I said bid. As in auction for a piece of work. Yikes. I think I'd be satisfied for just one editor to give me a slight nod. Yes, I'd like to see your work. Oh, well.

A tip for all you ministers' wives:
Have a fun night with your kids and/or hubby cooking supper and cleaning up afterwards. What? You don't like pizza again? Who cares? Gets you out of the kitchen (or at least, at the table watching) and maybe you can squeeze in a few minutes for relaxation, devotions or something else important to you.

And your quote for today:

Aim for the stars so you can hit the moon!

Don't you just love the stars? Brilliant-sparkly white in all that dark sky? Mysterious, and fun, and wonderful to dream under.

See ya tommorrow, and

blessings . . .

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