Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ready or Not

Yep. I'm almost ready.

For conference, that is. Writing conference. American Christian Fiction Writers in Dallas, Texas. September 21st through September 23rd.

I've got my One Sheet and synopsis for my suspense novel done. My cards are ready to print as soon as I add the picture.

For my romance, gotta finish that synopsis, but the One sheet is done. Cards won't take long.

Now to get those pitches down to perfection. (Well, as much as I can!) A friend has worked hard with me, letting me say my spiel, critiquing and suggesting improvements. My confidence is much better. Yeah!

I've got my clothes picked out, and I'm trying to keep those butterflies shooed away from my stomach. Editors, here I come!

Your quote today:
Behold the turtle. He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.
-- James Bryant Conant

A tip for you, MW's:
Kids love games. Why not make a game of cleaning the house? Timing each other, or singing together as you scrub the bathtub. What about making up stories as you clean? Use your thinking cap.

Use your own judgement for rewards. I don't like to use money most of the time, because you don't want them to think chores are done for that reason. But you can use incentives like: extra time with you or Daddy. A trip to somewhere special. Or maybe a treat they don't get very often.

Till tomorrow . . .

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Tricia said...

I used this mw tip today. My son and I were seeing who could pick up his toys the fastest. He was running to pick them up saying, "Stop Mommy" (he wanted to pick up more than me) and "D.J. winning!" We had his toys picked up in no time!