Monday, September 18, 2006

Coming Up: Conference!

Oh, dear.

Now does that sound excited, or what? Well, let me tell you what prompted that exclamation. Back at work today (usually don't work on Mondays, but since I'm leaving this week for Texas--conference--I'm here), got an email that said my editor appointment's been changed. Talk about nerves! My stomach is practically heaving. (Sorry!) As if talking to one of the nice Peterson's that I'd talked myself into would be a piece of cake, here I'm going to be talking to someone I haven't researched! Yikes and double yikes!

Oh, well, so much on being prepared.

I am excited, in spite of my groaning and moaning of previous paragraphs. I'm trusting God, and I've worked hard to prepare. Whatever happens now will be more fodder for when I get that coveted book contract. Hopefully, this year, but if not, I'll try not to whine too much, and accept that as HIS will, not mine. Remember, I tell myself: He gave you this writing talent, this ability, He'll let you use it, according to His will. So just relax. My hubby says everything will be fine. Do I dare believe him?

Ah, he's trustworthy, and so is my God. Great God that He is.

MW's. I hope I can come up with something a little more helpful today. What about this?

Sheets make beautiful covers. They're sturdy and endurable. You can do so much with them. A tuck here, a tuck there. Gather them at the back of a chair, with a big bow tie, or at the arms. Use them on a worn chair or as a makeshift tablecloth. They sew up dandy as curtains. Children love them as inpromptu tents. Wrap that next gift for the bride in one. I've used white ones (old ones) as snow under my Christmas tree. And remember to shop at dollar stores, over-inventoried places, and yard sales. Sometimes you can find bargains at the better shops for a steal.

Quote for you today from Erma Bombeck: "Now is the time to enjoy our lives, enjoy the lives of those who have gone before us, and the lives of those who have helped to bring us into this world. Write your stories, read your stories, enjoy who you are."

Grand, isn't it?

Don't forget, tomorrow will probably be the last day of my blog for a couple of weeks. If I can, I'll try to locate a computer with internet, and blog to my heart's content. But if not, don't forget to check back. And, hey, say a little prayer for me, will you?


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sharen said...

I'll be praying for you!! Maybe you can relax as you have been so busy. I'm sure you'll do fine with your talent and personality!!Who could resit you? My email is changed to