Thursday, September 07, 2006

Writing and Writers

What's it all about anyway? Why are certain people so fanatical about their writing?

Well, here's some good reasons. See if they make sense. If they do, you just might have some writer tendencies in you. And if they don't, not to fret. Writers are a crazy bunch. (Big grin here.)

* It's a calling (corny, but true)
* It's something inside that won't shut up: "Write that thought down." "Ah, ha, now that person would make a great character." Etc. etc.
* You've got the experience; use it.
* You've got the talent.
* You've got the time, the talent, and the experience. Why not use it?
* You're convinced you've got a best seller inside your head.
* Your friends, mother, husband, kids, and everyone else you're acquainted with are tired of listening to those stories; they urge you to write them down.
* Your grade school teacher commented on your writing ability.
* You know if you don't write, you'll die. (spiritually, emotionally, etc.)

Writing is hard work. People think you can just sit down any ole time and compose a novel. Sure. Take me, for example. I know Romance sells easier (maybe) then some other genres. So I thought, you need to work on a romance. Easy said than done. I like suspense, mysteries, thrillers. But so what? You do what you have to do. Writing a romance doesn't mean you have to stop with that suspense novel. (Just do both) O.K. Good. Got that.

But nothing came. As in, not a thread of a thought. Not a plot, or scheme, or a name. Nothing came to mind. What to do?

Keep at it. Think. Read some more. Study on it. Pray. And . . .

One day it hit me. The Plot. The characters. I was off to a good start. The writing flew onto the pages. One after the other. I couldn't get them out fast enough. Until I hit a plateau. Oh, bother.

But all things pass, as did that boring, discouraging, achingly horrible plateau.
More on writing later.

Tip of the day for MW's:
I promised you some ideas for those picky eaters.
Here's one I used on my boys (and hubby, too). They refused to eat onions. They weren't normally picky, so I liked to work with them on the few things they really didn't like. And onions was one. Here's what I did:
Instead of chopping onions and adding them to whatever I was fixing, I took onion powder or salt and sprinkled it on the food I wanted flavored. You have to be careful you don't add too much. But it works. Gave the food that added tastiness and they didn't know the difference.
Another idea. Grind. As in, grind to mush (again, I'll use onions for an example) the onions. Use sparingly, of course. But in meatloaf and other casseroles, you'll get that good-for-you veggie, but they'll not have to pick through the food. They'll gobble it down.
One more: Jello. It's good for you. Kids like it and it's really versatile. Lots of ways to fix it. Whipped cream on top, mixed with fruit or veggies. Add cream cheese, or graham crackers on top. Sprinkle with cheese. Yum. Delicious.

Pay no attention to what the critics say; no statue has ever been erected to a critic. --Jean Sibelius


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