Friday, September 15, 2006


I've got friends!

You know the Bible says to have friends you have to be friendly. Well, I must be doing something right. Let me tell you about two of them:

No. 1: Country girl that doesn't do too much traveling. She and her family live
simply and work hard. We call often and ask if we can spend the night, have
Sunday dinner with them. You know what she almost always says? Yes (of
course), but then she thanks me for the privilege of keeping us. She offers to listen any time I need (or want) to bend her ear. That sounds like a friend to me.

No. 2: Another one is a minister's wife. I haven't known her very long. We went to visit up that way (business that meant we'd be staying near her & her family). Ate dinner with them. And, by the way, it was a meal fit for royalty. I digress, although actually, that's part of her charm. Anyway, I mentioned I needed to get a photo of myself for my writing cards and one-sheets. She generously offered to take a few of me and hubby after dinner.

She did a fantastic job! I'm supposed to put one up on my blog here, but
haven't had time yet. So if I don't get it done, JW, I'll try to after
conference. Thanks bunches. It meant a lot to me.

How blest am I?

Just a reminder: I'll be leaving next week for ACFW conference, so I won't be blogging from Wednesday on, for maybe a couple weeks, unless I can get to the internet someway. Anyway, don't forget to check back after the first of October.

Here's a Tip for the MW's:
Don't skimp on certain products. I've found out the hard way that certain personal products like lotions, etc., are worth paying a little extra to get the better brand. Example: Certain shampoo works better, gives my hair more life and color. I've stopped buying that cheaper brand, and will sacrifice something else, to get the better.

Food items can work the same way. Some things I don't mind buying the generic brands, but then, others--like flour--I'd rather splurge for better.

Why does this matter? I'm the type to buy cheap if I can get away with it. Well, I can't always get away with it. But when I have to buy the more expensive product, I accept that I must. I allow that it gives me more confidence, peace of mine, and satisfaction. I know I'm doing something good for me and for my family. Careful? Always. Smart? I try to be. Does any of that make sense?

Quote: "Hold a true friend with both your hands."

Big blessings for a wonderful weekend.

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