Friday, September 08, 2006


Remember how it felt to be a kid?

I thought Christmas would never come. I thought school would never end. I thought I'd never get a boyfriend.

Ah, the lies that kids believe. Now, Christmas rushes at me like a bat winging over my head. Now, I crave studying and learning. Now, I've got a wonderful, patient, loving hubby that I love with all my heart.

So what was good about being a kid?

I've got a picture that I treasure. It's of my oldest son, Daniel. He was just a little thing, maybe two, maybe less. It's a close up of him. He's in front of this enormous Christmas tree, in his blue flannel pjs, reaching up. His expression is adorable, with all the wonder and joy that only a kid can feel at Christmas time. That's what being a kid means.

Remember meeting that perfect, right guy? Maybe you didn't know it at the time. Maybe you did, believing in love at first sight. Whatever. That sense of rightness, that perfect blending of spirits, the talks, the hand-holding. What a wonderful thing to remember!

Remember when you held that firstborn in your arms? I remember that expanding feeling I had, as if my chest would burst with love. What I wouldn't have done for that little fellow! Oh, the boundless love I felt.

Remembering is a good thing. And that brings me to your tip, MW's:
Try to remember some kind things that've happened to you this day. This week. This month. Write them down, pray for the person that offered that kind word or deed. Ask God to bless them in a special way. When you do, you'll find the joy returning to your own heart.

Quote for the weekend:
"And I say unto you: rejoice."

Have a wonderful, remembering, joyful weekend. See ya Tuesday!

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Hi, that was realy nice.