Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yesterday -- Labor Day

What did you do? I took my mother to see a close, old friend, about a half hour's drive. He's in the VA hospital and seemed to enjoy it so much. I was really glad we went. What a blessing older folk are, if we'll let them!

At home, I did some minor cleaning, prepared a new dessert. That evening friends and one son came for a cookout. The air was crisp, the fire warm, the food tasty. My dessert: what a flop! Everyone said they liked it, but . . . It was an ice cream dessert and hadn't hardened enough. Enough said?

We had a grand time eating though, feeding my spoiled animals, and talking till late. One young friend (14 & a girl!) loves to gig frogs (YUK). She threatened to go after my frogs in my fishpond. No way, I answered. Won't mention her name but the initials are KR. So there, KR, you got your name (sort of) in print.

My novel synopsis is just about ready. Another friend playacted out my novel repesentation with me this morning. She was such a help! With God's help, I just might make it through this editor thing.

A tip for the MW: Fall is in the air! Yeah. It's always been a favorite time for me. Anyhow . . . since we've got cool weather lined up, shortly, let's think about food.

Hmmm. What's easier than casseroles and soup?
  1. Take a half hour, sit down, and jot down three good casseroles and/or soups you like, fix well, or can get your hands on.
  2. Then take an afternoon and prepare these up ahead of time.
  3. Make two of each. Since you're cooking, might as well use that energy for two as one.
  4. Pick out one for supper that night, label, and use later as needed.
  • Too busy to cook one day? Grab a frozen meal, add some greens (if wanted)and a crusty bread, and there it is. Your meal ready for that hungry family of yours.
  • Got some unexpected company? There's all those prepared-ahead-of-time meals, ready to serve.
  • Need to do some encouraging, take something in to a bereaved family, a new one in the neighborhood?
  • You have to substitute host a group meeting? No problem!
Tomorrow: more on tempting those picky eaters.

A quote for you today: Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf's a flower. --Albert Camus

Blessings on your day and evening.

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