Tuesday, October 03, 2006

American Christian Fiction Writers Conference

Sunnybank Meanderings: Writing and Writers

Wow. We got home about 2:30 a.m. this morning. It was a lo-o-o-ng trip home. Hubby was sick almost the whole way, but as is typical for him, refused to let me drive. He has this thing about driving. He readily admits I'm a good driver (don't I have him fooled? --Big Grin-- ) but he likes to do most of our driving when we travel by car.

So I slept, listened to the radio, talked, gazed at the scenery, yelled at him to pull over so I could take pictures of scenery, and plotted more episodes -- and books.

On to ACFW conference . . .

It was awesome. I feel so humble and thrilled at the encouragement I received. Met with four different editors and all requested proposals. Talked to one agent and she wants to see my work. I learned a lot, enjoyed meetings others, praised with those who met with success, tried to encourage those who were down.

Found out something. Was able to put a myth to rest: Editors and agents are people. Yeah, that's right. They really are. Most of the ones I met were super nice. And patient with all of us pushy wannabes. Whether never published or moving-on-writers.

It was a special time in my life. I've climbed another rung in the publishing ladder, grown another inch. I thanked hubby over and over that he was supportive and caring enough to want me to go, willing to go with me, and encourage and pray for my endeavors.

Thank you, ACFW, for this wonderful opportunity.
I'm grateful.

"I shut the door on yesterday and threw away the key. Tomorrow has no fears for me since I have today."
This came from an old cooking book with sayings and hints that's proported to be 100 years old. Enjoy!

Hint for MW's:
For mothers with children:
Use storage room in their rooms wisely. Sturdy cardboard boxes (decorate yourself or buy) and plastic bins work well to store toys. Keep them under their beds or build shelves (not too high) and encourage your children to store their toys there. Nets strung across a corner of the room can be filled with stuffed animals, dolls or lighter toys.

More tips for mothers with children tomorrow.

I'll share some thoughts about my trip the rest of the week.


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