Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Day Two of My Musings on Conference

When we arrived in Dallas, we promptly got lost (sort of). It really wasn't a big deal, cause after one phone call, we found the hotel without any more problem.

At first I was overwhelmed; wanted to hide out in my room. But I knew I hadn't spent all that money, energy, and time on this thing to do that. So I hightailed it downstairs and strolled around. Met two of my critique partners right away. We had our reception that evening, for which I'd volunteered to greet and got into that very well.

The food was exellent ( turkey, beef, veggies, fruit, cheeses, and lots of other stuff) and the speaker entertaining--Liz Curtis Higgs. She is lively and not afraid to poke fun at herself. Later on that evening I attended my first late night chat which was informing and fun.

I also volunteered (I know the best way to start feeling right at home is to volunteer; you meet people and get out, no time for hiding) for breakfast greeting for Friday and Saturday mornings.

There must have been close to five hundred people there. Strange, all these weird thoughts I had that important people have wings (or horns: Big Grin) or funny looking faces, or something. Most everyone was kind and helpful. Informative and friendly.

Anyhow, that gives you a little taste of what the atmosphere was like. I'll tell a little about my talks with the editors tomorrow.

Quote: Great things are accomplished by talented people who believe they will accomplish them.

More on children's rooms for you MW's:
* Implement several activity areas in your child's room: reading area, art area, game area, doll or toy area, etc. This helps your child be able to place his play items in the appropriate space.

* Use stickers. Place sticker on shelf (box, drawer, cabinet) and the same stickers on the toys that belong in that place. Especially good for pre-readers.

* Store small toy items ( such as blocks, game pieces, marbles, etc.) in zipper lock bags. They're clear and easy for children to see.

* Use bunk beds. Today's furniture for children are safe and colorful. Allows you more space.

* Get kids in the habit of cleaning their room on a regular basis. They can put away toys (use the above tips) and laundry (hey, they might not stack them as nicely as you would, but don't worry about that; this is their room, they're in training. Let them do it!). Give them a feather duster (fun, fun, fun!) to eliminate dust on their shelves and toys.

Responsibility for cleaning their rooms can increase their sense of maturity and self-confidence.

Have a good evening.

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