Friday, October 27, 2006

Romantic nights

What constitutes your idea of a romantic setting?

Let me tell you what I like, then you can jot down a few of your ideas. Put them in practice, pass on your thoughts to hubby or boyfriend, ever hoping he'll expand on them. Just remember, you gotta make him think it's coming from him. "What a great idea, hubby. Let's do it."

One of my favorite romantic things is to go somewhere--just the two of us--for an evening out. I like a nice restaurant, good food, soft music, and low lighting. A candle doesn't hurt or even a vase of flowers--no artificial ones, thank you. I love it when he's in a talkative mood and chatters (yes, it's a feminine word, but I love the word. Men don't chatter, do they?) away at interesting things to both of us.

Then, I love an evening at home in the Autumn or Winter with a fire in the fireplace, a good book, or piddling (there's a good old-fashion word for you)with our own jobs, together in spirit, but working on separate things. Sharing comments together.

I also love to help him with projects (sometimes, that is). Love to be his water boy, fetching (here, Rover!) and holding things for him as he constructs or researching information with him.

Then the walks on our property are something I consider romantic. I like it cause he wants to take a walk with me. We study nature, watch for wild animals, sometimes take a dog with us. We get to talk about everything then, stop and rest--when it's nice--drink some bottled water, and head for home.

So, there. That's some of the things I like to do with hubby. Some people might like to walk through the mall, and yes, I do, but it can be a little depressing with a hubby in tow. They don't always enjoy looking at what you enjoy looking at. So . . . you know the rest of the story there.

Here are some hints for the MW's to make some romantic evenings with your loved one:
* Even with the kids, plan on an evening of fun together. Turn off the lights, light the candles, put on some good music--not too loud, and read together.

* Go somewhere--just you two. It doesn't have to be a whole weekend. Get someone to babysit, or if that's impossible, then take the kids, but go somewhere where the kids can play within watching distance, without danger, and you and hubby can sit together, or walk, and talk.

* Wear your hair in a new style.

* Hint that you'd like flowers. My hubby buys me flowers, but if he can't afford them, he picks wild ones. And I love them, too! Let him know (men are dense, sometimes) you like them and want some and see what happens.

* Make sure you greet him with a smile and a hug. He needs your reassurances that you love him.

* Call him at work just to tell him you miss him.

And enjoy the results!

Weekend Quote:
You are God's created beauty and the focus of His affection and delight. --Janet L. Weaver Smith



sharen said...

This was cute!! I couldn't say aything else. I read it to Bobby. I like the part about going sled riding. I think I would pass going down a monstrous hill. I guess that was on Birthdays. I like the romantic one, also. I don't remember when Bob and I have gone out by ourself but we still enjoy ourself with Austin with us. I don't mind.
I really enjoy reading your articles. Sharen

Caroline said...

Thanks, Sharen, you and Bob are such great friends. Love you both!