Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kentucky Musings

It's good to be back--to Ohio, I mean.

Not that we didn't have a wonderful time with friends and serving the Lord in Kentucky. We did. The weather was beautiful, most of the time. A couple of days of cold rain, but lots of sunshine and temperate weather, too.

We took our motor home and parked beside friends' home. I was able to get some writing done--not enough--but some. Hubby worked on his studies and read, among other things. It was great being by our lonesome, but close enough to friends to associate when desired.

We met some new friends, fellowshipped and worshipped with old ones. On Saturday, we visited Cumberland Lake Island. A beautiful rocky shore with lots of water. Enjoyed the afternoon walking, taking in the sunshine, and watching the birds and boats, talking with our friends, Cary and Catrina.

Kentucky is a beautiful state. We always enjoy traveling through it when we go to the Smokies. Lots of rocks and hills, grassy fields and fancy horses. Several years ago we stopped at the Kentucky Horse Farm where the famous racehorse retired. We've also visited the Mammoth Caves, big and impressive. And lastly, my dad was born there. I just found out while there this time, that the area he was born in was something like the Hatfield and McCoy thing. Great!
My ancestors are a bunch of hotheads.

Anyhow, hope we get the privilege of going again soon.

MW's Tip of the Day:
Going on a special trip with hubby and the kids? Try this money-saving tip:
Freeze your water (jugs or bottles) to help keep the food cold. When it melts, you can drink it. Cool, huh?

Your pick-'em-up quote:
I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all. --Laura Ingalls Wilder


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