Thursday, October 19, 2006

Falling Leaves

Love raking all those gorgeous leaves that sprinkle my lawn. What fun! What glorious exercise it provides! What invigorating air to breathe in.

Yeah, right!

First off, we only have about a million (only a slight exaggeration!) trees surrounding and on our 35 some acres. Lots of maples, poplars, oaks, hickorys. So where do all those gorgeous leaves go? You got that right! On my lawn, porch, pond, car, etc. etc.

They stain my car with leaf imprints, especially if you don't wash the car every day. They don't do much for my decorative efforts on the porch, or add any sense of beauty to my fish pond (What a nuisance!)

So, why would anyone enjoy falling leaves?

Okay, I might as well confess. Autumn is my favorite time of the year (followed closely by spring). The colors alone are enough to give you a feeling of euphoria. Dazzling, vigorous colors preparing one for cold, drab November. Giving you that extra warmth to help you make it through.

They say that this weekend is peak weekend for the colors in lots of states. I looked at the trees and the mist hanging over the valleys this morning on my way to work. A cloudy sky, but colors of pink, blue and violet clashing with the oranges, reds, and yellows of the tree leaves. Gorgeous!

In spite of having to clean out the fish pond every spring (thank you, dear hubby!), and what a job that is, the crunch of leaves in the nippy wind, the scent of crushed leaves, the mischievous pleasure of scattering raked leaves and kicking them into the air, gives my writing nature a boost to begin that new mystery novel.

And the Autumn air. There's absolutely, positively nothing like it in the world. Crisp, mysterious air that hints at winter in the mornings and evenings, then tantalizes you with the promise of summer weather in the day light hours. Ahhhh.

And talk about fun! What is more fun with Autumn activities? Bonfires and hayrides are two of my favorites. And having a friend to laugh with, a companion to snuggle up beside is the height of earthly fun.

What was that poem about Autumn being a gypsy? Read and loved it as a child. Still do, for that matter.

MW's hint for this October Thursday:
October is Sweetest Month: So . . . when you get flowers from your sweetie, here's a few hints to help them last longer:

* To make your cut flowers last longer, add a multivitamin, a aspirin, a teaspoon of sugar, or a pinch of salt and bicarbonate soda.

* Make sure you remove all leaves below the water line.

* For that real, growing plant, water them with the water from your boiled eggs. Excellent minerals!

* And to nourish your plants, place egg shells in the pots.

A good Autumn quote:

Love is the seed of all hope. It is the enticement to trust, to risk, to try, to go on.


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