Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ya Gotta Hand it to Mr. Webster

He's about the smartest man I've ever heard of that lived in our relative time period.

I mean, have you ever written a dictionary? Let alone know the meaning of every single word you wrote down. Why, some of the those words, I've never even heard of. Some I've heard of-and use-but don't exactly know what they mean. Some I've used and can't spell. So how smart does that make me?

No, please, don't answer that. I don't want to know!

Anyhow, I looked up a couple of words today, because I disagreed with someone else about certain issues concerning those words. And then, because I couldn't resist, looked at a few more (Do you know anyone who likes to read the dictionary for fun? Well, I do: my oldest son has sat for hours reading words from the dictionary. Yeah, hours.)

Take this word: anodyne. Now I've heard of it, but its not in my ordinary speech. Here's the second meaning for it: lacking zest, vigor, bland, insipid. Whoa.

How about anomalous? You want to be an anomalous person? Think I'm complimenting you? Huh uh. It means: abnormal, being or seeming to be inconsistent, contradictory, or improper.

One more: onager--1) a wild donkey. 2) a catapult for throwing stones, used in ancient and medieval warfare.

I mean, my list of really smart people is kinda small. Try making a list: not ordinary people who have a decent vocabulary, but some that are really, really smart (that's okay, you don't have to write my name down!). Here's my list:

1) Daniel Webster
2) Hubby (I mean that, but don't tell him I said so. And yes, I do have my reasons for nominating him as a smart person
3) I can't think of anyone else. So you can see what I think of the human race in general.

Let me ask you this? Is there a difference between being smart and wise? I think so. What say you?

Now, if I come to visit and call you an onager or tell you bythely that you're an anodyne, you better be prepared to shoot back some strange exotic words at me. That's the only way to defend yourself against my up-and-coming intelligence.

Tips for the best cookies ever:

Here's your first three hints:
* Measure the flour correctly! Adding too much will make your baked goods tough and dry. Don't overwork the dough, mix just until the flour disappears.

* Reduce flour by 1/4 cup. This will make your cookies tender and won't dry out even after several days.

* Chill the dough before baking. This helps softer doughs keep their shape and makes the dough easier to work with. It also improves the flavor and allows the dough to relax just a bit.

A quote for today:
Whole hearted, ready laughter heals, encourages, relaxes anyone within hearing distance. The laughter that springs from love makes wide the space around--gives room for the loved one to enter in. --Eugenia Price.


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yumanbing said...

I can't believe you didn't list my name. Hmmmmph!