Friday, November 10, 2006


What started me thinking along this line: I came to work this morning. Since I normally work by myself, I'm the one who opens up. No one around.

I opened the heavy door this morning and heard the sound of a door in the basement closing. Yikes! Spooky! Especially since I've never heard it before.

To make a long story short, I eventually found the reason for the sound, but not before I felt the ripple of fear trail through my veins.

Shortly afterwards, this huge German Shepherd showed up on the doorstep, peered in the floor-to-ceiling windows at me. He had a collar and tags, but kept hanging around. He was so friendly he was practically lolling on the ground, wanting attention. He was adorable.

He--along with the spooky sound--was what shifted my brain into thinking about all the protectors in the world.

Was he my protector this morning?

I know my little spunky Taffy would be. She's a terror if she thinks there's something strange around. I know hubby is. He won't tolerate insults or personal injuries to me. I know my boys would be if I needed them to be.

What else? Can our attitude be a protector? The way we think and react to a situation. Doesn't that at times protect us from an incoming hurt? When we shed off that slight that would otherwise crush our feelings, because we decide to do so? Isn't that a form of protection?

How about prevention? Think about the healthful things we do to prevent sickness: exercise, diet, weight. How about our checkups with the health clinics?

Don't we read to prevent boredom and ignorance? Don't we eat to prevent sickness or worse? (And snicker, snicker: Why do you bathe? To prevent people from shunning you? for your own personal satisfaction?)

Then there's God. He can be our protector in so many areas. Temptation, depression, wrong choices, and life in general. And it goes without saying that He is the best protector of all. A sure and mighty arm. Lean hard on Him. He'll never fail.

Hints for your fall decorating:

* Make good use of all those colorful leaves! Tape some to your bathroom mirror. Pin a few up on your family bulletin board. Use on your table, under the glasses as coasters. Splash a few across a mantel or a end table.

* Start with pumpkins--all sizes. Paint funny faces on them and label them with family members' names. Use them as doorstops for the children's bedroom doors.

* Collect gourds (such fun shapes!) cattails, Indian corn, pampas grasses, bittersweet, acorns and pine cones. Let your imagination soar. Be creative.

* Make an edible centerpiece for your table or counter top. Use pumpkin shapes molds for candy, cookies and cakes. Place on a plate, serving tray, etc. that is painted or molded with fall colors or shapes. Scatter those beautiful leaves around and you have an enticing, warmy table ready for company or family!

Quote for you:
Reverie is not a mind vacuum. It is rather the gift of an hour which knows the plenitude of the soul. --Gaston Bachelard

Blessings for a wonderful weekend.

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