Friday, August 18, 2006

Wonderful Words


Aren't they the most amazing things? and look at what can be done with them.

Tear down, hurt, or bash someone.
Or better still: encourage, bless, pray for others.
You can
write with them: Articles, letters, books, journals.
You can
share your feelings through them: Memories, musings, dreams.
blog. Ah, yes! The rage of the century.

Look at that word in the title of this blog: meandering. Isn't that a totally lovely word? What does it bring to mind? Lazy, clear water brooks? Paths that amble through woods or fields? A stroll through a loved park? Maybe you like to meander through the library, searching for the right book to carry home and read by the fire or in a favorite chair.

More on that subject later.

An important announcement:
The American Christian Fiction Writer's Conference coming up.
When? Thursday, September 21, 2006 and Sunday, September 24, 2006
Where? Dallas, Texas at the Marriott Quorum at the Galleria
Check out their website for more information:

If you're a writer, or even an aspiring one, this is the up and coming event to attend.

A Quote to make your day . . . hmmm . . . how about this one:
"And thou shall be secure, because there is hope."
--Job 11:18

And for you who stand beside your husband as he serves in the ministry, here's An Idea. Of course, you've heard it many times, but doesn't make it any less true. Sometimes we need the reinforcement of an idea on our minds and in our hearts. Take some time out today, for yourself. It doesn't matter whether its five minutes or the whole afternoon. Just do it. Here's some of my favorite ways:

* Take a sudsy bath with a special scent lavishly sprinkled in.
* Talk to your pets
* Take a walk--somewhere, anywhere
* Begin a journal, or pick up that neglected one. Make an entry, share your innermost feelings.
* Laugh for the sheer joy of hearing your voice. Laugh for the sheer healthiness of it.
* Forgive someone. And if you have no one to forgive, then pray for someone.

If you don't like those suggestions, think of one of your own. Something you especially like. Just be sure to do it. Today. Remember the old adage: tomorrow never comes.


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